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An Iron Man Ice Cream Parlor that has robot servers!

*The following article was released on April Fools Day as a prank and it worked really well!*

Disney to ban smoking in all U.S. Parks

Starting on May 1st, 2019, all current smoking area's will be removed inside Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Downtown Disney,...

Wreck It Ralph could be getting it’s own ride in the future if this graphic designer has their way

Have you ever wondered what a Wreck It Ralph ride would look like? Well we definitely did! And that's why we've created our own version of the ride. Read our detailed blog post about our Wreck it Ralph ride, there's nothing like it on the internet!

Dream Big with the movie Wonder Park!

Wonder Park, an exciting new movie from Paramount Animation and Nickelodean Movies just came out this weekend. It's an...

James Gunn is Back! Once Fired Director Will Return to Direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3

James Gunn, who was fired last July after alt-right journalists dug up ancient tweets of his, has been reinstated as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. GOTG 3 has been plagued by many directors not wanting to take on the project and some even advocating for Gunn coming back. Most actors in the movie also publicly stated they wanted Gunn back with Dave Bautista even threatening to not be a part of any future Disney movies. He went on to say that he would fulfill his contract for GOTG 3 because he doesn't break his promises.

5 Amazing Disneyland Books To Own

If you're an avid of all things Disneyland then you might have thought about picking up a book or five about the park. Well, whether you want a single book or our whole list, we've gathered them all in one place to make your life a little easier.

Behind The Scenes Look at Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy

Disney recently released a brand new behind the scenes look at their newest attraction to be released. Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy at Hollywood Studios in Disney World This brand new show will feature Lightning McQueen in a way never seen before! Guests will sit down and be entertained on a 200 foot long screen.

A Mac n Cheese Truck is coming to Disney Springs!

A new food truck is coming to Disney Springs! While it's name isn't the most original, Mac & Cheese Truck, it definitely conveys what it will be serving up! And we're very excited for what they are dishing out! A lot of Mac & Cheese!

Star Wars Land at Disneyland to open May 31st! But there is some bad news too

Disney just dropped the official dates for the opening of both star wars lands in Anaheim and Orlando.

We created an extensive list of Theme Park Chatrooms. Find your park and join the conversation!

One of the problems we sometimes encounter at parks is not knowing. Whether its not knowing if its busy,...

Disney just unveiled the food and drinks at their new Star Wars land!

With the opening of Star Wars land fast approaching, Disney is slowly building up its publicity for their newest expansion. With newly released images of the food and drinks to be expected, we can already tell that they have put a lot of effort into crafting food that is both delicious and out of this world looking.

Disneyland Paris to host first-ever official gay ‘pride’ event

Usually wanting to stay away from politics and cut ties with anyone that takes a strong political view that could cost money, Disneyland Paris made a surprising announcement on February 5th. They would be hosting 'Magical Pride', the first-ever gay 'pride' event.

Glitter Farting Trolls are now a thing at Universal Orlando

These trolls have just recently starting hitting the streets of Universal Orlando and they have been making quite an impression with their antics.

There is only one troll character that farts glitter, Guy Diamond, and he's definitely the naughty one of the group! You can see him strutting around with any clothes on as well. The movie, Trolls, came out in 2016. A sequel has been announced that will come out sometime in 2020.

Fastpass Reservations could soon be cancelled at Disney World if you cancel your room reservation

In an ever growing rumor from internal sources, Disney World is planning on taking action against guests that game their system for fastpass tickets. The current and soon to be defunct method was making a hotel reservation to access the 60 day fastpass reservation system. Normally one could only reserve fastpasses 30 days prior to their trip if they were not staying at a Disney World hotel.

Why Some Passholders are Upset Over This Popcorn Bucket

Imagine waiting in line for an hour to get an exclusive popcorn bucket, only available to Annual Passholders and expected to sell out in a day or two. When you get to the front, you're so excited that you quickly pay and turn around to Instagram your purchase. But wait, there is what looks like a huge scratch on it! You quickly turn around and ask to exchange it. However, the person working the stand says you can only refund it and would have to wait in line to get a new one.

Would you wait in line again for an hour and a half to get a new one? That's the dilemma some guests faced today at Disneyland in their search for a Steamboat Willie popcorn bucket.

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