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Zootopia Expansion Just Announced!

Disney's hit movie, Zootopia, is getting it's very own themed land at the Shanhai Disneyland resort. It will be the 8th themed land at that resort and the first ever Zootopia land in any Disneyland park.

There is a new challenger to Disney Paris in Europe

There are some great theme parks in Europe including Disney Paris, Efteling, Alton Towers, and Europa. However, there will soon be another competitor in the market. Currently named, The London Resort(formerly called Paramount Park), this new part will open in Dartford Kent. Originally planned to open in 2019, significant delays caused the date to be pushed back until 2024.

Disney made an adorable ad with a Duck that loves Donald Duck!

BETC Paris, an advertising agency, recently made this ad for Disneyland Paris. It's an adorable video of a baby duck who stumbles upon a Donald Duck book. He later on stumbles upon the real Donald Duck and cuteness happens.

Purple Treats are Coming to Disney World!

It's a new year and the trending color at Disney World is Purple! There are a huge variety of purple treats, souvenirs, and other things coming. Feel free to Instagram all these treats, tweet them, or add them to your wall. These purple items arrived at Disney World on January 7th and they look amazing! Read the full blog to see all the amazing treats any foodie would go gaga over!

The First Roller Coaster At Sea!

Introducing BOLT, the fastest and first roller coaster at sea. Guests can strap in and hold on as they are whisked around the top of a Carnival cruise ship. Soon to be available on the Mardi Gras cruise ship in 2020, this fast roller coaster will be a huge thrill for guests aboard. Since Mardi Gras is their newest and largest ship in the fleet measuring in at 1129 feet, this track will have a lot of space to move. You'll find yourself 187 feet above sea level as you zoom around the ship.

Disneyland Just Secretly Increased All Their Ticket Prices

Overnight and without any notice, Disneyland just increased the prices of all tickets and passes to the park. The simple fact is that they can keep increasing prices and more guests will still continue to visit the park. With prices at an all time high, and the new star wars land coming later this year, you can expect Disneyland to see a great increase in park admission revenue this year. Check out our article to see all the price increases and how it could affect you

Disneyland almost became Muppetland, Here’s the Story:

Did you know that Disneyland was almost transformed into Muppetland for a whole year? For the whole year of 1991, the Muppets were going to take over Disneyland and transform various iconic buildings and rides into a Muppet version. Some of the changes included would be: -Covering the Disneyland entrance marquee to say 'Muppetland' -Changing the famous mickey flower bed into a Kermit the Frog face -Adding in Miss Piggy as Cleopatra in It's a Small World ride

Disneyland’s Castle To Close For Refurbishment

The original Disneyland castle, Sleep Beauty's Castle, is set to undergo refurbishment. Work will start on the castle exterior on Monday, January 7th and will continue until Spring 2019. There will also be internal work done as well which means the walk through portion of the castle will be closing on January 17th and will also reopen in the Spring.  Disney is planning on refurbishing the castle with fibre-reinforced plastic on the turrrets. This update could make it easier to change out the castle for various holiday themes in the future.

Christmas Is Over, But This Amazing Tiny Disney Village Will Live On!

Some of us have little Disney themed ornaments that we hang up during Christmas, maybe even a box full. However, Christi Falls has an entire Disney town! This amazing town has grown over the years and is now on permanent display in their garage so they can admire it year round! She wanted everyone in her family and friends, to be able to walk around it and admire the whole town she has created! We have some amazing pictures of it inside our blog.

The Magic Kingdom Hit Capacity on New Years Eve

The Magic Kingdom posted the above picture to their twitter profile at 11:35am on New Years Eve. It's estimated that the Magic Kingdom Resort has a capacity of 100,000. Hitting that estimated capacity before noon is quite the feat!  Some guests that were turned away at the entrance reported to have received a $50 giftcard to Disney World. 

Behind the Scenes at Galaxy’s Edge

Disney has slowly been revealing small details about the upcoming Star Wars land expansion set to open this year. In the latest release, we see exactly how the Millennium Falcon ride will work with visuals. Check out the video we have on our most recent blog post to see exactly how it will work!

5 New Attractions Coming to Disney World in 2019

The New Year is almost here and we can expect some amazing new rides/attractions coming to Disney World in 2019!  We're listing off the top 5 new rides and experiences coming to Disney World in 2019. If you don't know what's coming then you should definitely read this article! One of these new rides will be a first and features Mickey Mouse!

Disneyland Revoking Annual Passes of Souvenir Resellers

Disney has been quietly revoking the annual passes of those that that have been reselling souvenirs purchased from the park. This new ban doesn't seem to be affecting those that buy just a few items each year at the park to give to family or friends. Instead, this ban is meant for those that wait in line for every limited release item and buy multiple copies of it. Annual passes allow a guest to receive a 10 to 20 percent discount on merchandise throughout the park.

New Marvel Land News: Global Avengers Initiative

Scot Drake, a Creative Executive at the Marvel Global Portfolio released new news about the Marvel Land's coming to Disney parks around the globe! "These interconnected stories are coming to life at our Disney Parks. In Hong Kong Disneyland, guests have already started battling the forces of Hydra in the Iron Man Experience. Beginning in March 2019, they will join Ant-Man and Wasp in a fight against Arnim Zola and his army of evil Hydra Swarm-bots in the all-new interactive attraction, Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle!"

Napolini Now Open! Build Your Own Pizza At Downtown Disney!

After being under renovation for what seemed like ages, the newly-renovated restaurant is now open. This pizzeria is made so you can create your own pizza. You can choose from toppings that include Italian sausage, Parma ham, roasted chicken, pepperoni, smoked provolone, broccolini, argular, black and green olives, artichokes, roasted red peppers and pineapple. All of which sound delicious!

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